Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Amazing Tour on Fire Review (Spoiler Free!)

So I literally came back from the Nashville leg of the The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire put on by Dan and Phil.
Read on to see my thoughts (but of course no spoilers!)

I got to the place around 3:15ish. I won't bore you with the details about the actual wait time, and will get to the good bits.

I had VIP passes, and so I had the opportunity to meet them. VIPs were put in a separate room, and we waited until DnP (this is what I will refer them as the rest of the way, because it is easier) arrived. I didn't think I would scream but I did, they showed up quickly before going to the background with the individual pictures.

The actual meet and greet was really short.  I am kind of bummed about how quick it was. However when I went to go meet them, Dan already had his arms out and hugged me. Then I turned to Phil and he hugged me too.  Dan was like "Yeah sorry for being so tall" 


I had brought letters for them, and Dan saw me struggling and asked if I wanted to give them anything. He took them, which he handed it off to Phil.  In the pile of letters he took my phone as well and I was like "oh no, you can't have my phone" and he laughed. I think he said to the extent of "Oh yeah, gonna take that from you too".

Then I shifted in between Dan and Phil awkwardly. Phil asked if I wanted to be in the middle, to which I said yes! 

They look like models, but it's kind of blurry. Thanks, Dan.

I wanted to take off my glasses, but got so caught up in the midst of things.

The Show:

The actual show was VERY well done. You can tell they put a lot of work and detailing into the set. It represented everything about the Youtube channel.  The actual show it self, was also very well done. They put everything their fans wanted. This wasn't really a show about them, but about their fans. And I really appreciated that. It was their thank you gift to us. 

You can really they wanted to make a show that was worth remembering. The entire show, I felt like they were putting on a performance for me. You can hear the screams but I was so mesmerized by them and just in awe of their dedication. You can tell it's a skit, you can tell it's performed. But you can see that they really wanted to make us, the audience, proud.

I couldn't help but be proud of them, the skits, the dedication. The decision to even make this. I know a good chunk is based on business reasons, but they could have done something really boring and plain. However they wanted to detail everything about the Internet personas.


Seeing this show was kind of bittersweet. I am so glad that I went, however I went by myself. I felt like if I had brought a friend along, it would have made the experience even more magical. 
There were so many people, mainly girls, who had their friends along and it kind of saddened me.

Also, it was bittersweet because I am around the age Dan was when he started having "the existential crisis" and began contemplating his life and the choices that went alongside it. Phil also went on a different path even though he has a degree like myself.

 I have been watching Dan and Phil for nearly 4 years. I started in the winter of my freshman year of college and I just graduated from it. 

To me, it felt like a somewhat closing of a chapter. It's not say that I will not keep supporting them or loving them. In a way, it's like the door to youth was finally closed shut with this show. However seeing both Dan and Phil go on from what was their traditional life path to this also inspires me. That although I won't be doing live shows anytime soon, I could reach the level of happiness they have achieved.

They get to do what they love and with each other.

Thank you Dan and Phil for this wonderful performance.
I wish you nothing but the best in the future as a duo and as individuals.

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