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Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks Review

If you're in tune with anything makeup related in regards to social media, then you probably have heard about this brand. In specific their liquid lipsticks.

Preface: Before I begin, I'd like to say that there is controversy surrounding this brand due to the owner's behavior. You can Google it, or I can leave examples in the comment if you wish. I do not know if that would affect your decision to buy or not, but I would just like to have that out there just in case you do have some issues against companies with controversy similar to this.

I bought two colors from the Jeffree Star website several months ago when they finally restocked Masochist and Androgyny. 

First I'll be talking about


The applicator has a slight slant to it in order to pick up more product. The actual applicator tube is clear as opposed to the traditional white color.

Texture + Color

This formula has a liquid texture that you would usually assume with most liquid lipsticks. It's very similar to the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in terms of initial application. Both have a liquid formula that dries down the a matte.

Another liquid lipstick formula that is well known is Colourpop's. I owned many of CP ones however I had to throw it away due to the dry powder formula it would leave behind once it dried down. On the opposite end, JS formula is very comfortable and does not leave a powder like feel as the CP did. It feels like a regular matte lipstick.

The color is described as "plum mauve" according to the Jeffree Star website. I would say on my skintone, it comes off as a brownish purple color that honestly does not flatter me whatsoever. When purchasing this, I had the assumption that this would be a dupe to Kat Von D's Lolita ELL (Everlasting Liquid Lipstick), but that was not the case. I own Lolita and it has more of a pink undertone as opposed to the JS one.


The smell for both this and Masochist is a odd one. When I first bought it, it had a weird, strong odor. Others have described it as "cat piss" which, I have no idea how that smells. But it is a very acidic odor. It does not linger once applied and does seem to disappear the longer I've had it.

*Note: The swatch left is an old swatch of Androgyny that still lingered. The right is a fresh swatch straight from the tube that still has not dried.

Once it has dried.

Up close look


I find that this tend to last quite a while. It will come off if you eat food that have oil in them like salad dressings or salsa. Even with oil based food, this tends to stick around. You would have to douse yourself in oil to have it really come off. I do recommend using a oil based product to get rid of this. Even regular coconut or olive oil will do the trick. 


Up close and personal. 

Texture + Color

The other color I bought was Masochist. On the website it is described as a "dark pink matte lipstick is cool toned"
I would describe it as a pink with a blue based red undertone. It definitely has a cooler undertone which may be blue based. On me it doesn't necessarily scream hot pink but a deep magenta almost.

The texture of this a bit different than Androgyny. It's a little more mousse like and not as liquid as the other one. Once it dries down, it does dry matte but definitely is more tacky than Androgyny. If you were to kiss your hand, there will be a faint stain/mark behind.
Again it has a comfortable feel, so it does not have that dry powder feeling.


As with Androgyny, Masochist is just as long lasting. The formulation for longevity is the same.

This is a really great formula if you're wanting to buy a nice quality. I'm unsure if I would buy anymore due to the recent controversy. But, I assume you can come up with your own conclusion and if you decide to buy one or more from JS, then you will have a good quality LL.

Left is Masochist, and right is Androgyny once dried.

Are you going to be buying any of these liquid lipsticks? If you've tried others, what's your favorite formula so far? What colors do you want any brand to make?

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