Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ending the 30 day challenge...early.

I felt like that the gif was appropriate.

I've decided to end the 30 day challenge early. 
Honestly, I found it boring? Very generic questions are not really my thing.
I felt like doing a 7 day trial would have been a good length.

I originally tried to do this because I wanted a way to keep me on track with blog posts. 
I wanted to make myself accountable by doing daily. Instead, it became a chore instead of a real interest.
Of course, in real life things are a chore. Things have to be a chore, but this blog is not my full time job or anything. It's a would be hobby that may turn into something.
One day this blog might become a job and that may become a chore.
But today is not that day.

So I'll be ending the 30 day challenge early. 
Instead of posting every day, I might try to stick to the schedule of every other day.
I'll have to come up with a list of blog topics, so check back Friday to see what new idea I came up with!

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