Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kate Spade Purse Unboxing

Ever since I found out about the brand Kate Spade, I have lusted over their bags. Their bags are very timeless and elegant due to the structure of their bags. I wanted one, and for my graduation I was determined to buy one, even if that meant it was a treat yo' self grad gift.

However, I was very fortunate enough to receive some graduation money from my aunt and uncle (thank you!). It also so happened that the day after I received the gift, Hautelook* was going to have a Kate Spade sale.

I felt like fate was aligning and telling me that it was my time to have ownership of a KS bag.

Without further wait, check out what I bought from the Hautelook Kate Spade sale!

Just a few things before I get into the goods of the picture:
1. This is not the first Kate Spade product I own. I actually bought a wallet (in the style Street Stacy) earlier from the KS website because they were having a sale.

2. If the pictures appear very, almost neon, bright, I apolgize for that and it may be due to your monitor or browser.

The color I got was Bougainvillea and the style is called The Newbury Lane Loden Leather Satchel in the size small.

Yes, I am using the Hautelook box as my stand. Don't judge.
Aerial view of the bag

Dust bag that says: She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party
The side view. It has a button which you can close or open if you would need more space.
Another aerial view. You can see the two zipper compartments. The inside lining is a dotted diamond pattern.
Another view. The two zip compartments DO open up. The lining is the same as it is in the main compartment.

There is a strap hook

Not sure why the color turned out to have a purple vibe to it. But here are the straps. They are adjustable through the belt style adjustment.

More details:
  • The main compartment has a typical 2 small pockets one side and a large zipper compartment on the other.
  • The texture of it is a hard grain which, I assume, will allow it to not be scratched as much
  • The bell hooks are on the diagonal end inside the bag instead of being parallel to one another. Hopefully this will allow for the straps not to break as easily as my other bags that have parallel straps have done.
  • The Kate Spade logo is a small rectangle plaque that says "Kate Spade" with "New York" written underneath. I appreciate the understated placement.
  • I kind of would have liked a different inner lining, as I think it could get dirty easy because of the light color.
Overall First Impressions.
I literally received this bag in the mail about a hour or so ago. So I can not comment on the actual wear or functionality of this bag. However, I am quite pleased with my purchase as of now. I have wanted a KS bag for the longest, and I decided that if I was going to splurge on a nice bag, that it would be in a nontraditional color. Pink is one of my favorite colors, so why not?!

I am pleased with Hautelook's service and fast shipping. 

Let me know what you thought of this bag! Do you love Kate Spade? Would you have bought it? If not, why?

Tell me about YOUR favorite bag or your dream bag in the comments below!

*the link provided to Hautelook is a affiliated link. This means if you click it and would like to sign up to Hautelook, I would receive credit. There is no cost to you if you choose to use this link, but if you do not feel comfortable, then feel free not to use it.

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