Saturday, June 11, 2016

Now You See Me 2 (Spoiler Free) Thoughts

Ah look, another (spoiler free) movie review. I'm on a roll.

I saw the first Now You See Me around the time it was released, which was in 2013, with my mother.
I absolutely loved the first film. The suspense, tricks, and overall plot were puzzles that fit to make a perfect magic themed film. 

This, not so much.
Read on why you should make this movie disappear from your watch list.


The beginning connects to the end of the first film, which I also won't spoil or at least won't try to. 
Thaddus Bradley, who is played by Morgan Freeman, states that the Four Horsemen will get what they deserve. If you've seen the first film, it'll make sense.

However, that's where the connections stop, at least in my opinion.
There amount of tricks done in the first film gave the impression, at least to me, that there would be even more tricks in this one. Sadly, that was not the case. The lack of tricks after tricks left me a little sadden.

The overall plot just made it worse. I understand that the entire plot is supposed to lead up to a suspenseful moment. But, it felt as if the director and writers had no idea which direction to take and kept shifting the script throughout the film. There seemed to be no cohesion and almost as if it was just thrown together at the last second.

The FBI being in here was just a pointless addition that really served no real purpose unlike in the first film. Why is Daniel Radcliffe's character here, because that was a confusion in itself?

It seemed as a sequel was not even really necessary. The first movie told all the juicy detail and this was the sad leftovers.


There was almost zero character development in this. None of the characters really had any enough dialogue for a development to occur. 

The addition of new characters were almost useless and really served zero purpose. If anything it just added the lackluster of the film.
They're all just very same throughout with no real realization.
They throw in a "realization" scene where the team must band together to defeat the enemy but even that felt very weak and forced.

The first film had more development in trying to strengthening the individuals in order to become one.
Also Lula replacing Henley was just annoying. Lula got on my nerves and I just wished Jack would make her disappear.


Sequels are usually never as good as the original, and this is no exception.
The originality (or maybe lack of, depending on your opinion) of the first movie set up major expectations that did not deliver in this movie. 
Everything was either predictable, or made zero sense as to why it was in the movie.
This movie felt rushed, and overall lackluster. 
I would not rush out to go see it. If it's in the dollar theater and you need something to do, then I would go watch it.

I'm still disappointed with the lack of actual tricks in the film. I felt like the trailer was more exciting than the actual movie. But isn't that the case?

Rating: C

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? Did you watch the original and how did it compare to it? 

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