Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 17/30

Your favorite blogs/Youtube channels.

So the original topic was only to write about your favorite blogs. In all honesty, I don't really read many blogs.  But, my days are filled with youtube channels.
So here are a few of my favorite blogs + youtube channels.

There will be a mix of beauty and non beauty channels.


I have three beauty blogs to share with you. Mainly because these are the only blogs, beauty or not that I actually read/check on a daily bases:

1. NouveauCheap: She was one of the first, if not the first, beauty blog I stumbled upon way back when. She is absolutely wonderful in getting you the greatest deals and steals from drugstore and up. Her reviews are thorough and honest.

2. Temptalia: Probably the OG beauty blogger. Christine gives you in depth reviews and a across the board grading scale. She puts brands up to their claims and isn't afraid to thumbs down a product regardless of the price.

3. BudgetBeautyBlog: Jen, like Nouveaucheap, deals with budget friendly products. She catches all the sneak peeks from brands IG, Snapchat, etc so you don't have to. Her reviews are quick and to the point. 


Larger named Youtubers (aka those with 1 million subscribers) have been excluded for the sake of spotlighting lesser known ones.

I'll be splitting this into a few categories, so it's easier to find the "type" of channel you'd like to check out.


  1. Eshani- She is a tanned girl like myself which is great for swatch videos. She does a thorough review of all her products. She's not really a beautytuber that does makeup looks. Which is fine, but her reviews are the gold mine. She buys all of the products herself, and gives a good list of why she loves them or not. She gives comparison to similar products and why it may be better or less than.
  2. Janelle- She is a nail youtuber. So she does a lot of nail videos, tries out the newest products or gimmicks from Tumblr/Pintrest. I love her style of video, because they are short and quick. It's great if you only have a few minutes and want to get some quick inspiration.
  3. Bailey- Like Eshani, Bailey does a lot of review type of videos. She is very thorough but her videos are typically short. Even if she does receive a product, her integrity isn't compromised. She's great on knowing the latest and greatest.

Non Beauty/ETC

  1. Jaiden- I love her style of animation. I'm a lover for chibi style drawings. Although I know that's not her exact style. But she seems really sweet.
  2. Kawaii Sweet World- Another baking channel but with a twist! All of her treats are kawaii (or cute) themed.
  3. The Odds Ones Out- There aren't as many videos, but you might have seen James' work floating around the internet. His videos are nevertheless funny and short ( like me!)

  4. PJ- PJ makes wonderful short artistic videos. He puts a lot of time and effort into each one and it's noticeable. His videotography is really wonderful and his style is very mesmerizing. He definitely deserves a lot more for how much work he does. 
I hope you enjoyed today's segment.
Which uncherished Youtuber should I check out? Leave your comments in the down bar!

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