Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 15/16

Yesterday was supposed to be day 15, however I was working on this post and didn't have a chance to sit down and type up another blog post.
So for this post, I'll be combining both day 15 and 16.
P.S the Tardis is necessary as we will be talking about the future!

Day 15: Where will you be in 5 years?

Let me start out by saying, I really despise questions like these. Typically answers are either very vague or super detailed. Like I had a friend, freshmen year of college who had a 4 year plan. I barely knew what I wanted to eat that day. It's also a question that can be a judgement question, as in 'if you don't have a plan then you' won't have a good life'. 
But I digress.

In 5 years time

 I will definitely be living on my own. 
I would love it if I continued to write for this blog in 5 years time.
I would like to start a Youtube channel but that'd debatable.
I will be working in a traditional job with a stable income.
Meet more people, maybe move out of the state.
Travel more, other than going back to my home country.
Own a nice car that I paid for with my own money.
That is where I want to five years from now.

Day 16: Thoughts on Education

Wow, we're already getting to the controversial topics. 
As someone who just graduated college, I feel like high schools should be reminiscent of college style classes.
What I mean by that is less lecture and more discussions.
I can't remember who killed who in that major war. But I can tell you why society is what it is. 
Even in one of my English classes where we talked about children and young adult books. Looking more in depth to the stories and just talking about them was much easier than hearing a lecture about it.
Sometimes adults look at children and teenagers as humans who are unable to grasp difficult concepts.
They can if you give them a chance. The education system suppresses imagination and creativity in favor of conformity. 
But more than that, education doesn't give us any good tools for the real world. I don't know how to do taxes, or steps to buying a house. What good is all the math and science that has been shoved into my brain if I'm not using it regularly?

I'll end this post with a really good video that I think sums up my thoughts in a better way: 

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